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KahuBaby Sunshine carrier in Seafoam print, image is in the back carry position
KahuBaby Sunshine in Denim Look, a super lightweight quick-drying baby carrier
Denim Look
KahuBaby Sunshine in Cloudy Grey, a super lightweight quick-drying baby carrier
Cloudy Grey
KahuBaby Sunshine carrier in Rainbow Galaxy print, image is in the front carry position
Rainbow Galaxy
KahuBaby Sunshine Carrier on a mannequin in a front carry, in Busy Bees print
Busy Bees

Why Our Customers Love Our KahuBaby Sunshine Baby Carriers.

The KāhuBaby Sunshine Baby Carrier is the ultimate sling for wearing in warm weather. it’s made from sun protective fabric which is rated UV50 and blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. As with all KāhuBaby carriers, the Sunshine model gives you ultimate flexibility in a carrier. It supports your baby in an optimal ergonomic position, ensuring safety and comfort for your child. 

The KāhuBaby Sunshine Carrier is super lightweight and quick to dry. It’s very compact, and fits easily into a changing bag, a large handbag or under your pram. We’ve designed the KāhuBaby Sunshine Carrier to be an ideal baby carrier for travelling, for days at the beach, for holidays, and for trips out closer to home. It’s versatile too, and because it dries so quickly after getting wet or after washing, it’s our number one choice of baby carrier for rainy or muddy walks.

The UPF50+ fabric is made from woven polyester. It has no stretch and has a wicking finish, along with with excellent breathability. Our KāhuBaby Sunshine fabric feels peachy soft against your baby’s skin. Although we’ve made this baby carrier from a sun protective fabric, it’s perfect for wearing all year round, indoors and outdoors.

Just like our organic cotton KāhuBaby carriers, the KāhuBaby Sunshine Carrier has padded shoulder straps that are comfortable without being bulky. The baby carrier fits closely to your body, and distributes baby’s weight brilliantly around your body rather than putting lots of strain on one area of your shoulders or back. With its flexible waistband, Simple Togetherness with your child is just a moment away.

Suitable from newborn though to toddlerhood, the KāhuBaby Sunshine Carrier adjusts easily to comfortably hold your baby in an ergonomic position. The simple cinching mechanism is designed for total adjustability, with a built-in comfort stopper. This means safe and comfortable carrying with babies and toddlers.

KahuBaby’s unique cinching adjustor for the base of your carrier enables you to simply alter the width of your KahuBaby Carrier. It makes your KahuBaby Carrier suitable for carrying newborn babies – just gently pull the webbing into the narrowest setting. There are infinite size adjustments, all simply done by altering the length of the cinching webbing. From 5-6 months, you’ll have the base on the widest setting.