Baking With Kids

Baking is such a great rainy day (or any day!) activity. It keeps your little ones busy, teaches them about the science of baking, promotes sensory development and enables them to get creative too. Although the eating is awesome, all that mixing and making is fun too.

The thought of baking with kids can be a daunting. You may wonder whether your kitchen will ever look the same again!

Here are our best ideas to make it fun for all of you.

  1. Messy clothes!
    Aprons are great and everything but don’t bake with kids in their best clothes. Pop them in clothes you don’t mind having a stubborn chocolate stain on or clothes that are designated for messy play.

  2. Have everything ready
    Get all of the ingredients and utensils out ahead of time and pop them out of reach. You don’t want to be scrambling around for flour at the same time as your little one finds the eggs…

  3. Keep all your supplies close by
    Cloths, kitchen roll, sponges, wet wipes, tea towels – these will be your friends when baking with kids. Keep them close by for an easy clean up in the event of accidents.

  4. Use the high chair
    For the younger ones, use your high chair and let them create on their tray. Biscuit/cookie dough is great for this as it’s quite solid.

  5. Relax
    Try and engage in the activity and don’t think about the mess. Really, don’t think about the mess. Ignore it. Mess can be cleaned but memories are forever. Enjoy the sound of laughter and immerse yourself in your children rather than focussing on any chaos.

  6. Adapt the height
    Supermarkets and DIY stores sell small steps that can make it easier for younger children to reach work surfaces. They can then fully participate in the baking fun, and are much comfier than dancing on tippy toes.

  7. Clean as you go
    While you don’t have to get worked up about the mess, it doesn’t hurt to wash the pots as you go – it helps the kitchen look cleaner, stops the mixture sticking and is easier if you want to make another batch or something else.

  8. Read the recipe in full before you start
    Make sure there are no surprises and read the recipe in full before you begin. Ensure you know what’s coming and are prepared accordingly. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a recipe only to realise you don’t have the right sized tin!

  9. Keep it simple
    If you and the kids are new to baking, keep it simple with recipes that don’t need many ingredients. Straightforward recipes with techniques you’re familiar with are great starters. We like simple sugar biscuits and fairy cakes as great beginner recipes.

  10. Invest in mini tools
    Your kitchen tools are perfect for adults but younger children may struggle to stir with a big wooden spoon or grip the big whisk for the eggs. We recommend investing in mini tools so you can make baking much easier for your kids.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s enjoyed by all. Don’t forget to share the goodies! Take a look at our KāhuBaby Carriers if you need to be hands free while looking after an infant, too.

Happy Baking!

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