10 Halloween Crafts With Kids

Halloween is becoming more and more popular each year! It can be tricky to think of Halloween crafts with a spooky twist. And leave it too late, and before you know it we’re into Fireworks night! We’re here to help with our 10 top ideas for Halloween crafts with kids! If you have a baby who’s a little too young to join in, one of our baby carriers can make it easier for you to engage with your other children too.

Our craft and parenting experts have collected together some of our favourite Halloween crafts to help you and your little ones embrace Halloween. Health warning: Mess will follow!

1. Pumpkin carving
I know, I know, the thought of all that mess in your kitchen just makes you want to shudder! But pumpkin carving is super popular for a reason. Help your kids to carve ghosts, ghouls, vampires and more spooky characters. Often the big supermarkets sell child friendly carving tools around the Halloween season, so your sharpest kitchen knife isn’t at risk. And of course, always ensure you supervise!

For bonus points, get the kids to carve and scoop on a black bin bag so you can just roll it up and throw the pumpkin inners into the compost bin.

2. Paper plate pumpkins 
This is a simple but popular craft. Get some paper plates – white ones are fine as they can be coloured, but you can buy orange ones too. Let the kid’s imagination run wild and create their own pumpkin designs. You can use this as a “design process” for the real pumpkin carving, or as an alternative for younger kids (or parents who don’t want to deal with the dreaded pumpkin slop!)

3. Pipe cleaner spider

All you need for this one is some black pipe cleaners and a few googly eyes! This is a great sensory activity as young children love the furry feel of the pipe cleaners.

Bend your pipe cleaners into into spider shapes and stick on the googly eyes. Your children will want to invent personalities and names for their new furry friends.

4. Make your own Halloween costume
Children love dressing up! Instead of trailing around supermarkets and shops, why not make your own Halloween costumers? Better for the planet too, as you can reuse things you already have at home and cut down on the plastic.

Go simple with a white sheet for a ghost! Or you can be really inventive, using some of your old clothes and let your kids loose with fabric paints, fun sticky accessories and pipe cleaners..

We can’t promise whether your children will decide to dress as something else just minutes before you leave the house to go trick or treating though……

5. Decorate trick or treat bowls
Rummage through your recycling boxes! You’ll find something that resembles a bowl, or anything your children can store sweets in. Let in their imaginations
go wild with decorating their new bowls.

Make Halloween crafts with kids easier with a KahuBaby carrier. Image is Lakeland Rain design by Jojo Coco Designs.

6. Rock painting
We like this activity for a warmer autumn day. Venture outdoors with your kids, and pick up some rocks that vaguely look like the silhouette of various spooky characters. Paint them to match and enjoy unique décor this Halloween. You could try chunky rocks for Frankenstein’s Monster or oval ones for ghosts!

7. Footprint ghosts
Foot print ghosts are adorable, and a great keepsake for remembering your kids’ early Halloween celebrations. Find some craft paper and non-toxic white paint, dip your little ones feet in it and get them to gently stamp on the paper. Let the paint dry. Your children can then decorate the footprints with faces to make super cute feet ghosts!

8. Milk bottle ghosts 
This is the perfect craft to use things that you probably already have at home. Find an old plastic milk bottle. The cloudiness of the plastic makes for great ghosting. Decorate your milk bottle with spooky pictures and patterns. Then pop some fairy lights into the bottle to illuminate the ghost. If you want t make a few of these, you can line your front window or garden path for a Spooktacular display!

9. Peek a boo colouring
This one is lovely and simple, and little ones love the magic that’s a part of this Halloween craft. You’ll need some wax crayons and paper. Using white wax crayon, draw a Halloween shape on the paper. You could draw ghosts, bats, or pumpkins. Then ask your children to colour on the paper, colouring over the white wax, to reveal the spooky shape!

10. Baking 
Baking’s always a favourite! Baking is a great way to encourage your children to make part in cooking. There’s the bonus points that you can all eat your baked treats afterwards!

Biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, and homemade ice cream are all Halloween baking and kitchen winners. Use your favourite classic recipes, but add a Halloween twist with food colouring, decorations and Halloween themed cutters.

With these top 10 Halloween craft activities with your kids, you’ll be able to create some wonderful family memories.

Happy Halloween!