Your KahuBaby Carrier's Journey

From Farm To You

We use Cotonea organic cotton to make the inner lining and straps of all our KahuBaby carriers. Our classic colours use Cotonea organic cotton for their outer layer too. We work with the producers of Cotonea cotton to deliver a baby carrier made from the highest quality materials, and with sound ethics throughout the manufacturing chain.

Your KahuBaby Carrier starts life as a cotton plant, in either Uganda or in Kyrgyzstan. Cotonea offers training for farmers to convert to organic farming. Cotonea enters a contract with the farmers, which provides financial security for their families. At the cotton gin, the cotton fibres are separated out. The seeds are pressed into cotton oil, and the rest of the plant is used as animal fodder. There is very little waste.

Cotton’s 100% organic cotton production means that your KahuBaby Carrier is better for the environment, and healthier for you and your baby.

After harvest, the Cotonea cotton is shipped to a spinning mill in Turkey. There, it’s spun into fibres that can be woven into fabric. Cotonea’s mills in Turkey offer above-average working conditions and fair wages to the employees.

From Turkey, the large bobbins of cotton yarn are trucked to Cotonea’s own mills in the Czech Republic. They’re woven into textiles of different weights and thicknesses, including the fabric that makes most of your KahuBaby Carrier.

Sewing your KahuBaby Carrier takes place in the Czech Republic too. Skilled seamstresses are trained in producing baby carriers and check that seams are secure at every step of production.

The finished KahuBaby Carrier then goes on a truck again, from the Czech Republic to the Lake District, England. We then post it to you, either from our office, or from a small local warehouse.

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