10 Summer Holiday Crafts to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

Summer holidays are a joyous time for kids all around the world, but are often a time of dread for parents and carers. By week 2 you’ve already run out of ideas. You’re now  wondering if it’s acceptable to leave your children in front of the telly with a bowl of wotsits while they entertain themselves for the next 4 weeks. All your kids friends seem to be busy with summer holiday crafts, but where do you even start with ideas for those?

Never fear, we have a whole host of ideas and summer holiday crafts to keep your little ones entertained this summer!
1. Make a sock puppet 
We all know the pain of the sock monster! Somewhere deep in your house lies a monster that eats half of the socks everytime you do laundry, leaving the other half with no purpose in life. No more! Help your little ones make cute little sock puppets using stick on eyes and a variety of other fun accessories. You could have fun trying to make them look like siblings or parents, or even famous people – a Mr Tumble sock puppet anyone?!
2. Junk Models 
Cast your mind back to your younger days and remember trying to build whatever contraption Blue Peter was displaying that week from old milk bottles, egg cartons and yoghurt pots. It’s now time to pass that love onto your child. You could turn this into an activity that spans multiple days by doing “themed” challenges, either make an item with a certain theme (ie, summer or rainbow or cars). Or you could set your children up to make an item from only one specific piece of rubbish (ie, only make something from egg cartons). Save your recycling for a few weeks and accompany with a talk about the importance of reuse and  recycling.
3. Lava Lamp 
This one is probably best done outside but it’s a great way to mix craft and science! Teach your kids all about polarity and density as they watch the fun colours mix and “erupt” just like lava. We love this tutorial for making your very own lava lamp: https://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/volcano.html
4. Handprint Creatures 
Get a head start on the handmade Christmas presents by making cute handprint creatures. Just get some non toxic paint and help your kids press their hand prints into the paint and onto the paper. Then get them to decorate to resemble an animal – reindeers, dinos and pigs are popular ones for this craft! Pop a short message on them, roll them up and secure with ribbon and you’ve got a fantastic handmade gift for Auntie Polly! 
5. Sand & Water Play 
Sand and water is always a winner – this is great if you have a sand and water table. If not, just pop down to your local supermarket or garden store, pick up a bag of sand, some bath toys and a bucket and spade. Fill two washing up bowls and let your children play (and make mess!) to their hearts’ content.
KahuBaby means simple togetherness with your older kids too.
KahuBaby means simple togetherness with your older kids too.
6. Bug Hotel
Looking after nature is absolutely crucial so why not build a bug hotel with your little ones this summer? It’s a fun activity and will also pique their curiosity about nature too. The RSPB has a great tutorial and lots of resources on their website: https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/activities/give-nature-a-home-in-your-garden/garden-activities/build-a-bug-hotel/
7. Leaf Rubbings
This one is super simple but little ones love the “magic” that accompanies this one. All you need is some wax crayons, paper and some leaves. Make the leaf hunting part of the fun, and then pop the leaf under the paper and colour over the top of it. Watch the leaf magically appear!
8. Cloud Dough 
Cloud dough is one of these wonders that although very messy, also very satisfying to play with. It’s one of our favourite summer holiday crafts! It’s super easy to make and requires only two ingredients. Be sure to do this activity outside as it can get very messy. https://tinkerlab.com/cloud-dough-exploration/ 
9. Sensory Play 
I apologise in advance for this suggestion and advise you buy some earplugs. Sensory play and understanding what items can make noise is a great way to get your child engaged in music. Get out some pots and pans with a few wooden spoons and let them bang away. See what else you have around the house that could be turned into a musical instrument and see if the children can make tunes.
10. Baking 
Baking is a surefire way to keep the kids entertained and bonus points you can eat it afterwards! Cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, homemade ice cream are so much more are surefire winners. Pop to your local charity shop, let them pick a cook book and then pick the recipe they want to make. Remember, perfect isn’t what you’re aiming for and usually it’s much more fun! Keep your baby safe with KahuBaby while you bake, too.
So with these top 10 craft activities to entertain your child this summer holiday, you’ll no longer be sick of hearing Peppa Pig or Mr Tumble on repeat, and instead will hear the sound of joy and laughter. 
Here’s to an active, fun filled summer holiday!