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Kahu Baby is awesome! It arrived today and I'm really impressed.... I love all the detail, the built in cinchers, the elastic on the hood, the webbing is easy to adjust and not hard, the dual adjust and the fabric has a soft peachy feel to it, love it!
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T. Varney
Carry Moor, Sling library and carrying consultant
Super easy. Tried my new KahuBaby carrier at home first. I hadn't even walked one lap of the inside and Tui was fast asleep. Then since it was sunny, decided to go to the beach. Made my day getting out.
KahuBaby Carrier enables you to enjoy family travel with your baby
New mum
I’m loving using the Kahubaby, it’s one of the first slings I show parents who come to my sling library as it suits pretty much every baby. The built-in cinching straps on both the top and bottom make it incredibly easy to suit to a big or small baby, with no poppers, Velcro, or accessory parts that could get lost. It’s such a clever design, super comfortable, beautiful soft fabric, and parents are loving it.
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Chloe Merali
All Slings Bright and Beautiful, Babywearing consultant
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I’ve had the chance to test this great carrier on our family trip in the mountains. Even though it was my first time babywearing experience, it was easy to set it up and the carrier felt very light and comfortable. I've used it for long walks, and there was no back pain which was my biggest concern. My twins are 3 months old, weighing around 6kg. Both babies and I enjoyed it, and would definitely love to use it again.
A very light and easy carrier! Love the range of colors and patterns. I’m petite and often find other carriers to big for me, this carrier do fit me really great (even when back carry)