KahuBaby FAQs

We’ve designed your KāhuBaby Carrier so that’s it’s suitable to carry newborn babies from 3.2kg or 7lb. And you can carry your child right up to they weigh 16kg or 35lb. Most children will be comfortable in your KāhuBaby Carrier until they’re 2-2.5 years old. After that age, they will still be safe (if under 16 kilograms), but they may only be comfortable for short periods of time.

Yes! We’ve designed the KāhuBaby carrier to enable you to safely carry your baby facing away from you. Sometimes your child may want to face outwards to take in everything that’s going on around him or her. Please always ensure that your child is awake in the outward facing position, to avoid any restrictions on your child’s airways. If your child looks sleepy, turn them around to face into you so that they’re in a position where their airways remain unobstructed.

We recommend that your baby faces outwards for a maximum of 30 minutes at any one time. This is to ensure that your baby’s spine is in an optimum position for the majority of the time, and for your baby’s safety and comfort.


Babies can quickly become overstimulated when facing away from their carer, because the world is a big place! If your baby shows signs of being overstimulated, do turn him/her back into face you. When facing into you, your baby can place their head on your chest to rest from sights and sounds.

Safety of our carriers is our number one priority at KāhuBaby. Your carrier has been safety tested in an approved UK laboratory, to European standard CER/TN 16512:2015

Your KāhuBaby carrier has a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects. We’re confident in the quality of our baby carriers, but the warranty is there for reassurance if you do need it.

The most recent research into infant carrying demonstrates that carrying your child in a wide-based carrier like the KāhuBaby, places your child’s hips into a position that’s optimal for hip development. This position supports your child’s legs in the hip socket. An ergonomic carrier means one that’s designed to support optimal hip development, like the KāhuBaby. It also means that the distribution of your child’s weight in the carrier is in a position that’s most comfortable for you. In a well-fitted KāhuBaby, your child’s weight is held close to your centre of gravity. This reduces the load and strain on your shoulders, distributing the weight across your hips and trunk. Many KāhuBaby customers have comfortably carried 2.5-3 year old children in our carefully designed carrier.


KāhuBaby is more comfortable for baby, and more comfortable for you.

Yes! You can breastfeed in your KāhuBaby Carrier once your baby has sufficient head control to support his/her head unaided, and your baby is older than 4 months. You’ll loosen the straps a little on your carrier, lower your baby to a comfortable height for feeding, and then re-tighten the straps. You’ll need to follow all the safety guidelines, and check that your baby can breathe freely through their nose.


Return your baby to your usual carrying position as soon as your baby has finished feeding.

We’ve worked with adults of all shapes and sizes to design a baby carrier that fits a wide range of people. The KāhuBaby Carrier’s flexible waist moulds to comfortably fit your body. You can adjust the shoulder strap webbing in two directions, giving you a custom-fit carrier every time.


We recommend that if your baby is under 7lb, that you seek the advice of a trained sling consultant, along with medical advice from a qualified health professional, to ensure that your baby is safely positioned.

The inner fabric and straps of your KāhuBaby Carrier is made from certified 100% organic Cotonea cotton.. Cotonea is committed to organic cotton farming in Uganda and in Kyrgyzstan. No chemical pesticides, natural fertilisers, crop rotation, and protecting groundwater are all vital to Cotonea cotton production. You’re also assured that there are no genetically modified organisms used in Cotonea cotton farming. Cotonea offers financial security to the farmers, and on-going training in organic farming techniques.


Single-colour KāhuBaby Carriers are made solely from Cotonea organic cotton. Prints and patterns have a single outer layer of 100% cotton.

All dyes used are baby-friendly.



The buckles on your KāhuBaby are very high quality European moulded buckles, designed and crafted in Italy. The buckles are tested to military-grade specifications.

Yes! Your KāhuBaby Carrier ideal for carrying your child indoors and out. The design is streamlined so that there are no bulky attachments to get in the way when you’re in at home. And it’s sturdy enough and comfortable enough to spend long days outdoors too.

Take time out with your KāhuBaby Carrier