Parenting Tips and Resources

Being a parent is the most amazing role in the world! But, it can be really difficult. Many of us just aren’t prepared for the upheaval that a new baby entails, or for the ongoing challenges that motherhood and fatherhood brings. We’ve put together a collection of parenting tips and resources that you can use to help you along the way. Some of these have been contributed by experts, and some of our parenting tips are from other parents who have found what works for them and may help you.


Whether you’re expecting your first baby, experiencing pregnancy worries, or struggling with sleep deprivation – we’ve got your back! We work with parents and families every week, we have our own children, and we’re part of a network of parenting, baby and toddler professionals in various fields.

Our growing set of resources is available for you to read and share. We’re continually adding to this, so do check back regularly for new resources and helpful hints!

We welcome contributors too. If you’d like to contribute, please contact us and we’ll consider your offer. We credit all contributions to the author or photographer.

KahuBaby makes parenting and motherhood easier with our comfortable baby carriers and parenting resources.
KahuBaby makes parenting older children and a new baby easier. Photo: Sally Murning