KahuBaby Carrier's Dual Position Shoulder Straps: View From The Back

When we were designing your KahuBaby Carrier, we wanted to create a baby carrier that will fit a wide range of adults. We recognise that everyone has different body shapes, men and women. We’ve designed your KahuBaby Carrier to enable you to use it with two different shoulder strap positions.

You can learn how to wear your shoulder straps both ways in our instruction booklet.

One way of fitting gives you shoulder straps that cross over your back, extending diagonally from one shoulder to the opposite side of your KahuBaby carrier.

The second enables you to use your KahuBaby Carrier with straight, or rucksack style, shoulder straps. In this position, you’ll use the chest strap (or sternum strap) to hold the shoulder straps in place.

Dual position shoulder straps on the KahuBaby Carrier allow a comfortable fit for a wide range of body shapes and types
Back view of the two positions that you can wear your KahuBaby Carrier shoulder straps when carrying baby on front. On the left are crossed straps. The model on the right is wearing straight or rucksack style straps.