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KahuBaby Jojo Coco Design Face Mask in Little Wren print
Little Wren
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We’ve teamed up with Jojo Coco Designs again to produce some beautiful face masks.

Our face masks are made from 100% natural fibres for comfort and health. Each face mask has two layers of cotton fabric. The inks are reactive inks that meet EU safety standards, meaning that you’re not breathing in harmful chemicals.

Please note that our face masks are not medical grade masks. They help to reduce the transmission of coronavirus, the virus causing Covid-19, by creating a physical barrier between you and other people. The Royal Society review of face mask use indicates that wearing a cloth face mask can reduce the transmission of coronavirus. Wearing a face covering is now mandatory in the United Kingdom on public transport, and compulsory when shopping in some European countries to reduce numbers of Covid-19 infections.

Our face masks have two pieces of elastic that go around the back of the wearer’s head. These are in place ties, as they are easier to put on and off. The wearer should tie a small knot in the elastic to size the mask and to ensure a good fit.

Made in Britain.

Please Note: We are unable to accept returns or exchanges for our face masks, due to personal hygiene regulations.