KahuBaby has partnered with Jojo Coco Design to bring you a collection of exclusive prints.

KahuBaby Carrier - Flocking Birds

KāhuBaby brings you Simple Togetherness in 3 easy clicks.  Our secure, quick buckle fastenings make carrying simple for everyone. The comfortable KāhuBaby Carrier offers complete support in 4 carrying positions, giving you options for all stages of your baby’s development.

Suitable from newborn, the KāhuBaby Carrier adjusts easily to comfortably hold your baby in an ergonomic position. The simple cinching mechanism is designed for total adjustability, with a built-in comfort stopper. This means safe and comfortable carrying with babies and toddlers. With its flexible waist that moulds to your body, Simple Togetherness with your child is just a moment away. 

We’ve designed the shoulder straps to enable you to cross them over your back, or to front and back carry with them in a “rucksack style”. KāhuBaby’s  close fit and supportive straps mean support for your back and shoulders without the need for a bulky lumbar support.

KāhuBaby has partnered with renowned print and surface patter designer Jojo Coco Design to bring you a collection of four stunning Jojo Coco prints. Our design collaboration prints are exclusive to KaāhuBaby and are all limited editions.

Flocking Birds is a stunning mid-teal background, highlighting flocks of small stylised white birds in flight. Flocking Birds was inspired by nature. We teamed it up with  a dark charcoal 100% organic cotton inner, and dark charcoal 100% organic cotton straps.

Small “nubs and slubs” that are part of the natural cotton fibres may appear after use and washing of the Flocking Birds print. These are part of the character of the 100% organic cotton that we use for this print, and are not due to a manufacturing fault. They may appear as small white flecks against the mid teal background colour.