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Bigger kids need carrying too! You and your toddler can enjoy Simple Togetherness with the Kāhu Toddler carrier. 3 easy clicks. with our secure buckle fastenings make carrying simple for everyone. The comfortable Kāhu Toddler Carrier offers complete support in 3 carrying positions , giving you options.

We’ve designed the Kahu Toddler to support your older child who still loves the cuddles. You’ll love the simplicity and comfort of our buckled carrier. The wider base and taller panel offers extra support for both baby and you. Suitable from 18 months, the Kāhu Toddler Carrier adjusts easily to comfortably hold your baby in an ergonomic position. Toddlers love being carried, especially when their legs get too tired to go any further. The unique simple cinching mechanism is designed for total adjustability, with a built-in comfort stopper.  This means safe and comfortable carrying with children from 18 months to 4 years.

With its flexible waist that moulds just right to your body, Simple Togetherness with your child is just a moment away.

We make our Kahu Toddler carriers from 100% certified organic cotton. The inner, straps and block colours are made from ethically produced organic cotton. All our carriers are handmade in Europe by experienced seamstresses in comfortable working conditions.

Moss Green is made from 100% certified, ethically produced organic cotton. This calming, natural tone reflects the Lake District landscape that inspired our family’s adventures and that continues to inspire KahuBaby today.

  • Supportive carrying option for your older child (9.5 – 20kg)
  • Comfort and support in front, hip and back carry positions
  • Taller, wider panel
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • British design, made in Europe
  • Machine washable
Simple togetherness with the Kahu Toddler Carrier in Moss Green.