Sling Libraries

We love sling libraries! A sling library is an indepedently-run organisation where you may try or hire baby carriers. You can find sling libraries and babywearing educators throughout the UK and in Ireland.

We’re very proud that KahuBaby Carriers are available in the following sling libraries:

Lake District Sling Library

All Slings Bright and Beautiful, Marylebone, London

Baby On Borders, Scottish Borders

Babywearing Butterfy, Harlow, Essex

Babywearing South West

Burton & Swadlincote Natural Parents

Cariad Babi, Derby

Carlisle Sling Library

Carry Me Kate, Somerset

Carry Me Round, Scottish Borders

Carry Moor, Ilkley, Yorkshire

Carry On Slinging, Bristol

Chesterfield Sling Library

Chiswick Slingers, West London

Congleton Sling Library

Cuddle Up Slings, Wakefield

Do It Like A Mother Sling Library, Southend

Frome NCT Sling Library

Harpenden Sling Library

HerSlings – Hull and East Riding

Horhsam NCT Sling Library

Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library

Isle Of Man Sling Library

Kangaroo Together, Norfolk

Kent Sling Library

London Slings

Mama Sling, Liverpool

Moray Sling Library

Morecambe Bay Slings, Lancaster and Morecambe

North East Sling Library, Durham

Norwich Sling Library

Parenting North East

Precious Cargo, Cambridge

Prestwich and North Manchester Sling Library

Salford Sling & Meet

Salisbury Sling Library

Seaside Slings, Bournemouth

Sheen Slings

Slings for All, Sheffield

South East Slings, Petersfield

South Essex Slings

South London Sling Library

Stamford and Peterborough Sling Library

Stockport Sling Library

Suffolk Mobile Sling Library

Swansea Sling Meet and Sling Library

Winchester Sling Library

York Sling Library

Find Simple Togetherness with KahuBaby

If you run a sling library, please contact us about great value samples for your library.