Herdwick Tweed Swirl Crag

KāhuBaby Carrier - Swirl Crag Herdwick Tweed

KāhuBaby brings you Simple Togetherness in 3 easy clicks.  Our secure buckle fastenings make carrying simple for everyone. The comfortable KāhuBaby Carrier offers complete support in 4 carrying positions , giving you options for all stages of your baby’s development.

Suitable from newborn, the KāhuBaby Carrier adjusts easily to comfortably hold your baby in an ergonomic position. The simple cinching mechanism is designed for total adjustability, with a built-in comfort stopper. This means safe and comfortable carrying with babies and toddlers.

With its flexible waist that moulds just right to your body, Simple Togetherness with your child is just a moment away.

As a sling consultant, I’ve  designed your KāhuBaby Carrier so that you only need one carrier for your child, from their first day in the world until toddler age. Your KāhuBaby Carrier has a unique built-in cinching strap, so that you can quickly and easily adjust the width of the base to comfortably fit your child. You’ll use the narrowest setting for a newborn baby, and gradually allow the base to be wider as your child grows.

Your KāhuBaby Carrier holds your child in an ergonomic carrying position, supporting optimum hip and spine development. Your child’s hips and legs will form an “M” shape, with knees supported higher than hips.

For babies 4 months and younger who may need additional head support, the KāhuBaby Carrier features a simple upper adjustor. This ensures that the top of the carrier is a snug fit for your child. The KāhuBaby upper adjustor is built into your carrier. We find it easiest to narrow the width of the top part of the KāhuBaby Carrier before putting your child into the carrier. Once you’ve adjusted it for your child, you can leave it in place at that setting, ready for your next use.

Carry every which way with KahuBaby! 4 carrying positions means options for  you and your child. Your favourite carrying position will depend on your child’s developmental stage, and what works best for your family at that time.

Front carry, facing parent/carer – newborn until walking age

In a KahuBaby Carrier, your child learns about the world from a safe place, and from your height. Your child learns language and a myriad of social cues when facing into you, and is still able to look around and take in the scenery.

Hip carry – 4 months +

Carrying an older baby or toddler on your hip is instinctive, and as humans we’ve been doing it for millennia. You’ll find your baby gets a good view from your hip, and with KahuBaby your arms are both free to get stuff done.

Front carry, facing outwards – 5 months +

We know from working with parents and carers, that at times some children are happier facing outwards while being carried. We recommend carrying your child in this position for 20-30 minutes at a time, only while your child is awake, and no younger than 5 months of age.

Back carry – 6 months +

If you have an older baby or a toddler, you may find it more comfortable to carry your child on your back. With KahuBaby, you can do this own your own, without assistance from another adult. We’ve included step-by-step instructions with your KahuBaby Carrier, and you can find our instructions  here too. We recommend that your baby is sitting unassisted before carrying him/her on your back.

We’ve designed your KahuBaby Carrier to be simply adjustable, giving you more time to enjoy being together with your child. We’ve used Italian moulded and tested buckles for the waist and shoulder fastenings, for security and peace of mind.

Simple buckle fastenings and adjustments at the waist and for each shoulder strap enable you to get a comfortable fit every time.

KahuBaby’s unique cinching adjustor for the base of your carrier enables you to simply alter the width of your KahuBaby Carrier. It makes your KahuBaby Carrier suitable for carrying newborn babies – just gently pull the webbing into the narrowest setting. There are infinite size adjustments, all simply done by altering the length of the cinching webbing. From 5-6 months, you’ll have the base on the widest setting.

KahuBaby’s upper adjustor has also been designed to support newborn babies, until your child has strong head control at around 4 months of age. Simply pull in the upper adjustor so that it draws in the top of the carrier so that the carrier fits gently and snugly, but not tightly, around the nape of your baby’s neck.

We know from our work with parents and carers, that you’re looking for a baby carrier that enables you to carry your child facing away from you. We’ve designed your KahuBaby Carrier to allow you to do this. We recommend that if your child is old enough (5+ months) and shows signs of wanting to be carried on your front and facing away from you, in this position, that you limit it to 20-30 minutes each time. You can use KahuBaby’s unique cinching adjustor, with it’s built-in comfort stopper, to set the width of the carrier’s base to its narrowest setting. When you’re ready to turn your baby back into you, simply expand the width again with the unique cinching adjustor.

Maximum weight of child – 16kg (35lb)

Minimum weight of child – 3.2kg (7lb)

Safety tested to CEN/TR 16512:2015

Inner and padded shoulder straps – 100% certified Cotonea organic cotton

Outer – 100% wool, Herdwick tweed from Cable & Blake

Width at base – 34cm

Height – 50cm

Waist maximum – 142cm

Shoulder strap maximum – 118cm

Shoulder strap minimum – 39cm

Hood – 25cm width at base x 28cm height

Find simple togetherness with KahuBaby's luxury Herdwick Tweed collection