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Simple Togetherness, to fit your lifestyle

The KāhuBaby Carrier has been designed by a sling consultant with simple 1-2-3 click fastening and quick size adjustments. Our baby carrier enables you to carry your child in any one of 4 different carrying positions.

 KāhuBaby offers optimum comfort – for both you and your child. Our baby carrier’s flexible waist moulds to your body, giving a comfortable fit, every time.

Certified organic cotton

We want to minimise our impact on the planet. At the same time, we’ve produced a baby carrier from fabric   that’s safer for your child and safer for you. The straps and inner of all KāhuBaby Carriers are 100% certified organic cotton. Our block colours are 100% certified organic cotton throughout.

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Kahu Baby Simple Togetherness

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KahuBaby wins Silver Nursery Online Award in the travel gear category.

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Kahu Baby is awesome! It arrived today and I'm really impressed..... I love all the detail, the built in cinchers, the elastic on the hood, the webbing is easy to adjust and not hard, the dual adjust and the fabric has a soft peachy feel to it, love it!
Simple togetherness and hands-free with KahuBaby
T. Varney
Carry Moor, Sling Library and Carrying Consultant